Cross-Belt Sorter

Crisplant LS-4000econ compact baggage handling system

The LS-4000CB cross-belt sorter has been introduced as the latest member of the LS-4000 family, specifically to meet the needs of space constrained airports. It can help to provide the additional capacity to meet forecasts for increased passenger numbers without the major investment needed for a new terminal building. Using a common platform, with standardised modules and a technology which has been field-proven in major airports around the globe, the LS-4000CB combines proven robustness with the ability to be configured in the most space-efficient footprint.

Equipped with an innovative linear synchronous motor technology, the LS-4000CB reduces energy consumption by up to 75% compared to traditional motors. The advantage of the cross-belt design is that it offers the most efficient use of vertical space compared to other high-capacity sortation solutions.

Features of the LS-4000CB cross-belt sorter:
  • High-capacity sortation of bags including wrapped, high-friction items
  • Closed deck design between induction unit and carts
  • Active discharge, not relying on friction and sliding principles
  • One sortation level for induction and discharge
  • Modular platform for flexible layout
  • Innovative, energy-efficient LSM drive system
  • Ultra-low acoustic noise level