Visualisation is key for optimising decision making in the baggage handling system (BHS). Being able to visualise the information from the BHS through technologies such as video walls, SCADA, tablet solutions and flow visualisation provides the operators with fast and easy access to real-time data from every section of the BHS.

The combination of SCADA with a comprehensive alarm system and smart CCTV provides the foundation for effective root-cause analysis and management. The graphical display provides a multi-level visualisation of the complete BHS including the status of each section. This allows operators to zoom into specific areas if needed, using live images from the CCTV.

Using flow visualisation tools as real-time 3D SCADA, operators can overview the BHS from the control room or remotely from a tablet. Smart filters supply the operators with information about rush bags, no-reads, and other complications in the BHS. This enables the operator to make fast decisions and respond rapidly to optimise BHS performance.