Remote encoding
using VCS and OCR

No-read bag tags can cause a loss in capacity in peak hours, but a remote encoding system through Video Coding System (VCS) can be the solution to this. While most bag tags are being handled automatically by a fully automatic system, a few troublesome tags have to be read manually. The typical process of redirecting the baggage to a Manual Encoding Station (MES) is demanding, both in time and in resources.

To solve this issue, BEUMER Group has developed a remote encoding system, which allows bag source information to be encoded while the bag remains in motion. In the event of a no-read bag tag, an image is sent via the VCS to an operator who encodes the information remotely via a workstation or a tablet. The remote encoding system also supports the integration of an optional Optical Character Reader (OCR) to be integrated at server level to minimise the number of no-read bag tags.

The remote encoding not only lowers cost and saves time, but makes a positive contribution to the overall passenger experience.