Easy handling of large quantities
Beckum, 09. August 2017

BEUMER Group at the international mining exhibition EXPOSIBRAM 2017 in Brasil:

At the international mining exhibition EXPOSIBRAM 2017, which takes place from 18 to 21 September in Belo Horizonte, Brasil, BEUMER Group will present their system solutions in conveying and loading technology at booth Y40. The portfolio includes the complete engineering and the construction of curved troughed belt conveyors and Pipe Conveyors, blending beds, circular stockpiles, as well as transshipment terminals.

BEUMER Group offers curved belt conveyors, used for the transportation of various raw materials like coal or ores over long distances and through rough terrain. These conveyors are designed as open troughed belt conveyors or closed Pipe Conveyors. Material transport with belt conveyors is generally faster, more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly than trucking.

BEUMER offers stackers and bridge scrapers for warehouses with blending bed systems for homogenising large quantities of different types of bulk material efficiently, which ensures the regularity of the raw materials used. Coarse, highly abrasive material can be conveyed to silos by the heavy-duty belt bucket elevators of BEUMER Group.

BEUMER bulk loading heads, which can load large quantities of bulk material fast and virtually dust-free into bulk transporter vehicles, will also be featured. If bags are to be loaded in ships or wagons, various telescoping loading systems are available. The loading system BEUMER autopac stacks filled bags automatically on trucks, without using pallets.

BEUMER at EXPOSIBRAM 2017: booth Y40

Unpacking can be optimised too
Beckum, 26. July 2017

BEUMER has developed a film that allows for quick and easy opening without the use of tools:

BEUMER Group's efficient stretch film packaging system BEUMER stretch hood A can be used in various different industries. The systems supplier can now provide the system with a newly developed easy opening hood: this worldwide innovation allows employees in retail stores and logistics centres to quickly and easily remove the film when unpacking or repacking the goods, without the use of any cutting tools.

There had not been a packaging system for pallets on the market that did not require the operator to open the film with a cutting tool. This conventional opening method poses the risk of hurting yourself or your colleagues, or damaging the product. This can be expensive for companies and, of course, increases the risk of accidents. The Easy Opening hood makes it easier for employees in logistics centres, while saving a lot of time. To achieve this BEUMER, together with a well-known film supplier, developed a technology that allows you to open the film along a precise tear line in the centre, without affecting the safety function of the stretch hood. The user can open the film quickly and easily, with no tools required. This considerably increases unpacking productivity. After collaborating closely with its film supplier for decades, BEUMER, the machine and systems supplier, had generated this idea for film preparation.

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