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Beckum, 05. March 2019

BEUMER Group supplies entire packaging lines tailor-made for each customer from one single source:

BEUMER Group supplies packaging lines and complementing intralogistics solutions customised to its users and their requirements from one single source. Serving the cement, construction and chemical industries, consumer goods market and logistics sector, the extensive product range features modular designs. One of its customers is the German retail store dm-drogerie markt GmbH & Co. KG, with its logistics centre in Weilerswist near Cologne.

When BEUMER Group installs packaging lines in the (petro)chemical industry, the process may resemble this: bulk materials from the chemical industry are transported from the silo via a conveyor line to the form fill seal system BEUMER fillpac FFS. This highly efficient filling machine forms a ready-made PE tubular film into a bag and fills it with the customer's engineering plastics such as PE, PP, PA or PS granules. Reliable, gentle and sustainable filling is also possible for salts or fertilisers. The bags are then weighed before the filling process. For this, the BEUMER fillpac FSS is equipped with an electronic calibration-capable weighing unit. It ensures that the system fills the bags with a constant quantity of material within the specified tolerances. Then the system seals the bags with a weight of up to 25 kg. It can process 2,600 bags per hour.

For the efficient filling of paper bags with bulk material, particularly cement and construction materials, the system provider offers the BEUMER fillpac R. These systems function reliably, carefully and sustainably while meeting the required throughput. The construction series is equipped with a special weighing unit as well. Depending on the requirements and on the material characteristics such as bulk density, grain size, material density or flow behaviour, BEUMER Group can offer both air and impeller filling machines from the construction series BEUMER fillpac R. The air filling machines are suitable for bagging pourable and coarse-grained products with particle sizes up to ten millimetres, whereas the impeller technology is suited for free flowing and fine-grained products like cement or gypsum. Adding the BEUMER bag placer and a ream magazine to the system makes the filling even more efficient.

Proper and stable stacks on pallets

The filled bags, which are made of different materials like paper, PE or PP and have different sizes, weights and designs (flat valve bags or valve bottom bags), have to be stacked on pallets in a stable and precise way. For this, BEUMER Group offers the BEUMER paletpac. It can be quickly assembled thanks to its modular design, is easily accessible for maintenance, can be operated intuitively and flexibly adapted to different packing patterns. Depending on the product requirements, the BEUMER paletpac can be equipped with a clamp-type or twin-belt turning device which positions the bags smoothly, quickly and exactly. For palletising cartons, boxes, canisters or trays, BEUMER Group offers the BEUMER robotpac. This space-saving, fully automatic articulated robot solves complex palletising and de-palletising challenges reliably and efficiently. The user receives gripping systems suitable for all types of packaged goods, which can be easily exchanged.

Reliable packaging of dm drugstore products

The BEUMER stretch hood high capacity packaging system is at the heart of the packaging lines. It covers the mixed pallet of merchandise with a highly elastic film hood. This can be filled and palletised bags, boxes of detergent, buckets of paint or storage jars. During transshipment and outside storage, the merchandise is protected reliably against environmental influences such as sunlight, dirt and humidity. This is important for the operators who need their products to be transported reliably and in perfect condition to the customers, products like those from dm-drogerie markt GmbH & Co. KG.

The drugstore chain has its own distribution centres, one in Waghäusel in the south-western state of Baden-Württemberg, and one in Weilerswist near Cologne in North Rhine-Westphalia. Here, the employees pre-package cardboard goods for the stores. In Weilerswist, there is also the so-called small parts distribution centre. Here, small and individual products that cannot be securely stored on pallets are packaged in containers and cardboard boxes, and then commissioned, palletised and shipped. Both distribution centres have a combined product range of 12,800 items.

Secure pallet protection

Up to 3,000 pallets of goods arrive in Weilerswist daily. They are registered and checked. They are then transported over a conveyor line to two fully automated high-bay storage facilities. Empty pallets move along 42 aisles on overhead tracks and automated guided vehicle systems. A light signal indicates which product, and how many, are to be placed on the pallet. The merchandise must be secured and protected, so that it arrives at the dm stores in perfect condition. Therefore, high demands are placed on the packaging systems. Two high-capacity BEUMER stretch hood machines are in operation. They package 90 pallets each per hour, but are designed for 100 pallets. Lorries bring the shops their goods approximately 72 hours after ordering.

Playing with colours

The systems run perfectly. The smooth surface of the film hood increases the visibility of the palletised merchandise and the BEUMER stretch hood provides considerably higher levels of availability compared to stretch wrappers; another bonus: they have more colours than other packaging systems. At dm's request, they were painted in several colours. So they fit in the coherent colour scheme of the entire distribution centre: the basic colours yellow, orange, blue and purple run through the entire design. The unique design was created by STOLLSTEINERart&business. The idea behind it is that the colours signal to the employees that all working steps are interlinked.

Like a second skin

Another solution for protecting the bags against environmental factors is the BEUMER bag-in-bag: This system packages one or several filled paper bags quickly and reliably with a weather-resistant plastic film. This ensures that the contents are perfectly protected against moisture, dust or insect infestation when they are transported or stored.
Furthermore, the system provider equips all systems of a line with the same Human Machine Interface (HMI). This operator panel provides users with an easily understandable and intuitive interaction concept, enabling them to define efficient working sequences.

And there is more at the end of this packaging line: With system solutions of BEUMER Group, the full pallets or individual bags can be forwarded to a connected warehouse or directly to the loading space of a truck. The system components are mainly transport technologies such as conveyors or vehicle-based systems. Various solutions for handling and manipulators such as robots, buffer and storage modules are available as well. As BEUMER Group always uses components from a modular system, the solutions can be expanded at any time and can grow with the customer's needs.

Software based on modular design

For best results and to ensure full material and data tracking, the filling, palletising and packaging components as well as other system components must be perfectly matched. For this, BEUMER Group has developed the modular BG Software Suite as superior data processing system. It can be adapted individually to particular tasks and products from other companies can be easily integrated. Users can extend this solution at any time and optimise their material flows. The cross-program user interface BG Fusion shows process data and reports. All available data can be accessed without having to switch between different applications.

With the BEUMER Group warehouse control system the BG Software Suite can be easily connected to the warehouse management system or the customer's ERP solution. This way, BEUMER Group ensures the communication between the different control levels for the user. BEUMER can create an intelligent connection between the individual systems, and integrate them into existing process and inventory control systems of the customer.

Online data access at any time

BEUMER Group has developed the new Operation Monitoring app.  With this application for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, the user or the management has an overview on all relevant key figures of the complete packaging line or individual systems. The app shows the status quo of availability, performance and quality levels as well as the energy and compressed-air consumption. This ensures efficient operation of all systems. Customers can adopt the program to their specific requirements. For a better organisation and control of their logistics value chain, the task is to integrate all participants, systems, machines, and products in one dynamic system – horizontally and vertically. Thanks to this increasing networking, highly linked system structures are possible, in line with the ideas of Industry 4.0.

Beumer-PCL Awarded GTAA Baggage 2025 Master Agreement
Aarhus, 31. January 2019

Toronto, Ontario (January 31, 2019)PCL Construction, one of the largest contracting organizations in North America has, in joint venture with BEUMER Group, a global leader in baggage-handling systems, signed a master agreement with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) for Toronto Pearson International Airport’s​ Baggage 2025 initiative.

To accommodate growth and to improve capacity, reliability, and efficiency at the airport, the GTAA is embarking upon an ambitious upgrade to Toronto Pearson’s baggage-handling operations, with a state-of-the-art, automated system.

The master agreement includes several design-build work packages that together will revolutionize the way the airport operates, enhancing the passenger experience and ultimately moving Toronto Pearson closer toward the vision of being the best airport in the world.

“With over a century of helping our partners succeed, our company takes pride in partnering with the best,” said Dave Filipchuk, PCL president and CEO. “Having successfully delivered a number of projects at Toronto Pearson, PCL is excited to continue building our relationship by partnering with Beumer to deliver a best-in-class solution that supports the GTAA in growing Toronto Pearson’s status as an international gateway.”

The modern and fully automated approach that the Beumer-PCL team will deliver is relatively new in North America but has been more broadly implemented in Europe and Asia.

“BEUMER Group values long-term partnerships, and with this contract we are set for a journey that will last for many years with a clear aim to transform Toronto Airport's baggage handling into a leading airport hub operation,” said Dr. Christoph Beumer, chairman and CEO, BEUMER Group. “We have listened to the GTAA's plans and applied our open mind and creativity to lay out the best solution for developing the airport's baggage-handling process for the benefit of their passengers and their staff."

“As Toronto Pearson’s passenger traffic continues to see significant growth, the GTAA recognizes the importance of planning to meet the demands of a future airport that could grow to welcome over 80 million annual passengers in the next twenty years,” said Howard Eng, president and chief executive officer, GTAA. “With the innovative solutions designed by our partners at BEUMER Group and PCL Construction, the airport will be well equipped to provide efficient, resilient baggage service and ready the system for an estimated 80 million pieces of luggage per year by the mid-2030s.”

As part of the master service agreement, the GTAA will implement Beumer’s automated tote-based baggage transport and sortation system, CrisBag®, at Toronto Pearson. With this solution, each item of baggage remains in the same individually controlled tote and is 100% tracked and traceable at every stage of the baggage-handling process, which is key to complying with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) requirements for US transborder clearance.

Beumer and PCL look forward to working with the GTAA and partners that include Brock Solutions, B+H Architects, Peter Sheffield & Associates, The Mitchell Partnership, and Mulvey & Banani International. Construction on the first four work packages is set to begin at the end of January, with completion scheduled for 2021.

About PCL Construction

PCL is a group of independent construction companies that carries out work across Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and in Australia. These diverse operations in the civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, and buildings markets are supported by a strategic presence in 31 major centers. Together, these companies have an annual construction volume of $9 billion, making PCL the largest contracting organization in Canada and one of the largest in North America. Watch us build at

About GTAA

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) is the operator of Toronto Pearson International Airport. The GTAA’s vision is to make Toronto Pearson the best airport in the world. Towards this objective, the GTAA focuses on ensuring the safety and security of passengers and airport employees, enhancing the passenger experience and supporting the success of its airline partners. Toronto Pearson is Canada's largest airport and the second-busiest North American international airport.

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