BEUMER Group receives Innovation Award
Aarhus, 17. May 2018

BEUMER Group beat off strong opposition to win the Innovation Award at this year's Airport Show in Dubai. The prize-winning CrisBag® Reclaim on Demand triumphed in recognition of its being a revolutionary and smart development in airport baggage handling.

Unlike the baggage check-in experience, the reclaim process has hitherto been conspicuously devoid of automation – but the CrisBag Reclaim on Demand system is set to redress the balance.

Integrated into a tote-based baggage handling system such as BEUMER's CrisBag, Reclaim on Demand extends tote-based baggage handling into the arrivals hall. As each item of hold baggage is unloaded from the aircraft/ULD it is placed in its own tote and transported to the arrivals hall, where it is held in an individual, secure kiosk.

Instead of having to wait by the carousel, passengers will have the freedom to relax in the arrivals retail area, where they will have spending opportunities, before being notified via a text message to their mobile phone that their bags are ready for collection. A QR code sent to the same phone is used to unlock the Reclaim on Demand kiosk.

Another major advantage of Reclaim on Demand is that it supports IATA Resolution 753 by extending 100% traceability into the reclaim area and eliminates the risk of bags being taken by the wrong passenger. It also reduces the possibility of bags going astray while being transferred from the plane to the carousel. Further, on the rare occasion when a bag is reported as lost, it will be easier to trace because each bag is in its own individual tote.

"The CrisBag Reclaim on Demand solution uses self-service pick-up kiosks to improve the passenger experience on arrival. We are very pleased to receive this award, which demonstrates BEUMER Group's expertise and ability to integrate emerging technologies," said Klaus Schäfer, Managing Director, BEUMER Group A/S.

The chemistry is right
Beckum, 07. May 2018

Achema trade fair 2018: BEUMER Group presents itself as single-source provider for packaging lines that work perfectly together

At the Achema trade fair 2018, which takes places in Frankfurt/Main from 11 to 15 June, BEUMER Group presents itself as single-source provider for filling, palletising and packaging technologies. The full-liner is able to perfectly match all components of one line achieving maximum performance for the user. The BEUMER fillpac FFS filling machine will be presented as exhibit to the visitors. A 3D space measurement allows to suitably plan the installation of packaging lines in extant buildings. The Customer Support will present this technology at the Achema.

BEUMER Group develops complete packaging lines from one source for pharmaceutical and chemical companies. This means that the customer can omit or minimise interfaces and only needs one point of contact. What is special is that the system supplier dimensions the performance of the single machines and components as well as the high-level control in an optimum way. Thus the customer receives a complete line with optimum throughput.

The BEUMER fillpac FFS form fill seal system forms a ready-made tubular PE film into a bag and fills it with the customer's technical plastics like PE, PP, PA or PS pellets. Reliable and gentle filling is also possible for salts or fertilisers. The pellets are then weighed before the filling process. For this, the BEUMER fillpac FFS is equipped with an electronic calibration-capable weighing unit. Then the system seals the bags with a weight of up to 25 kg. BEUMER Group offers the BEUMER fillpac FFS both for the high-capacity area of up to 2,600 bags per hour and for low throughputs up to 1,800 or 2,500 bags per hour. Depending on the customer requirements the suitable machine performance class can be selected from the extended product range.

After filling, the bags are stacked on pallets in stable and precise way. The BEUMER paletpac of the system supplier is perfectly suited to this. It is easily accessible for maintenance, can be operated intuitively and flexibly adapted to different packing patterns.

For palletising cartons, boxes, canisters or trays, BEUMER Group offers the BEUMER robotpac. This space-saving, fully automatic articulated robot solves complex palletising and de-palletising challenges. The heart of the line is the high-capacity packaging system BEUMER stretch hood which covers the palletised goods with a high-stretchable stretch hood film. During transshipment and outside storage, the merchandise is protected reliably against environmental influences such as sunlight, dirt and humidity.

Safe planning with 3D space measurement

If for example packaging lines have to be installed in the extant buildings of the customer, BEUMER employees achieve greater planning reliability by 3D space measurement. This method is very precise: single elements as columns, gates, transitions or installations can be indicated as exactly as required. In addition also machines, systems and other structural conditions can be measured automatically. Thus, exact measurements and spatial conditions are recorded in a fast and precise way.

BEUMER at the Achema: hall 3.0, booth F50

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