The International Graduate Programme runs for 24 months. Working with you, we tailor it to your individual needs. The sequence shown in the diagram below is an example of what it might look like. The programme includes at least two stations in BEUMER Group companies abroad. There is also a detailed orientation plan, keyed to your specific circumstances, for the first few months. You start in your area of specialization and then have an opportunity to spend three to six months with other companies, working on other projects. At one station you will work outside of your area of specialization in order to learn how the parts of our company are interconnected.


In addition to your permanent contact at human resources you will have a personal mentor who provides advice and support for the duration of the programme. This person, who is either a manager or supervisor, will assist you in technical matters and advise you regarding your personal development. Your mentor will also introduce you to his or her personal network, in this way opening doors.

Professional and personal development

In addition to training related to the company and its products, which is designed to keep you up to date in your field, there will be monthly graduate meetings. Besides serving as a forum for sharing ideas about the programme, these meetings will occasionally feature employees or executives who will discuss current topics in the company.

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