"We preserve
family values."

Vasily Danilov

Estimation and quotation preparation Engineer


Working for BEUMER Group since 2009

What makes
my job different...

My job as a sales engineer at BEUMER Group can be easily described as follows: you take part in almost each and every stage of each project. This means that everything from the initial customer call, where you have to perform your technical analysis, to installing and commissioning the systems at our customer's site, makes my job very challenging.

I have a wide range of tasks that requires complete knowledge of our BEUMER Group products and systems in all business segments, such as conveying & loading, palletising & packaging, and filling.

Learning is a necessity at BEUMER Russia - I try to improve my knowledge about our machines on a regular basis. By taking part in different projects, I can also enhance my communicative skills to collaborate successfully with customers, colleagues and people from different companies. To make a long story short - there is one thing you can say for sure about my job: there's no time to be bored.

What makes
BEUMER Group different...

In speaking about BEUMER Group, the first thing that comes to mind is: this is a family company that became a powerful global corporation, but has somehow maintained its nice family spirit and managed to preserve good-old-fashioned family values. Cooperation, mutual work, quality, respect - these are aspects that describe BEUMER Group quite well. Besides that, we also promote a spirit of innovation, which implies that our technology is state-of-the-art and always up-to-date. Constantly improving the machines we have already invented is very crucial for BEUMER Group. We have relationships with famous customers that BEUMER Group has maintained for many years. Many people are very qualified and always trying to support and provide our customers with the best solution to achieve their targets.