"I feel I am appreciated
and allowed to
take initiatives."

Sachin Sharma

Project Manager

BEUMER India Private Limited

Working for BEUMER Group since 2011 

What makes
my job different...

The best thing about my job at the BEUMER Group is that it provides a continuous learning process as I am always dealing with our clients. I also interact with employees at all different levels of the organisation and across all functional areas, which helps me to learn new things about our products, design and quality every day.

As a Project Manager, I have to ensure the project is completed according to the client's requirements and to the full satisfaction of the client. The work is hard, no doubt, but the true commitment, collaboration, enthusiasm and one-team, one-spirit feeling of our colleagues results in achievement of our mission. I feel I am appreciated and allowed to take initiatives to get things accomplished since my superiors understand my strengths and weaknesses.

What makes
BEUMER Group different...

What I love most about BEUMER Group is the sense of family around our workplace. I feel it's my home away from home. I thoroughly enjoy coming in every day to work. I enjoy the quality and diversity of the people I work with, their professionalism and work ethics that I came across at work. BEUMER Group creates an atmosphere of trust and commitment with particular emphasis on customer focus, integrity and ethics, providing employees with a lot of opportunities to learn and practice. Most of all, I like its strong product portfolio, which includes many top-quality technical systems, and provides us with the opportunity to work with clients all over the world, learn about new cultures & customs and helps enhance our knowledge.