"The work atmosphere
here is like working with
brothers and sisters."

Piti Lertbusayanukul

Country Manager

BEUMER Thailand

Working for BEUMER Group since 2012

What makes
my job different...

The work atmosphere at BEUMER Thailand is like working with brothers and sisters. "The elder brothers and sisters" are willing to give advice both on work-related and private matters, so this creates a friendly atmosphere in the office. All staff feel encouraged to share their opinions. Working at BEUMER Group, all the managers trust, fully support, and respect subordinates' opinions and decisions. They also give individual staff, as each person's work experience grows, an opportunity to work on more complicated and challenging tasks, which makes one eager to improve his or her capability all the time. The development of a small, single part of each department leads to continuous enhancement of the whole company.

What makes
BEUMER Group different...

Since the basis of BEUMER is a family-owned business, the board of BEUMER Group takes care of their staff in all subsidiaries as if they were their family members. The annual visits by the BEUMER Group board to each subsidiary make the staff feel close and taken care of. In addition, the company is fully aware that the most important resource is manpower, so the company has developed different kinds of training courses to help the staff develop their capabilities to the fullest.

Moreover, the staff in each subsidiary work in ways that support other subsidiaries. Since there are different strengths at each location, BEUMER Group uses the advantages of each subsidiary to support customers' technical, commercial, and service requirements. The most important mindset that distinguishes BEUMER Group from other companies is that we do not consider those who use our machines to be customers, but we see them rather as business partners.