"Every day I come to work
with a smile because I enjoy
the working environment."

Ningxin Yu

Software Application Engineer

BEUMER Corporation (North America)

Working for BEUMER Group since 2008

What makes
my job different...

It has been a great pleasure for me to work at BC over the past 6 years. Every day, I come to work with a smile because I enjoy the work environment at BC, which challenges me and helps me grow both professionally and personally. Instead of being a software geek who always hides behind her computer, my job gives me the opportunity to fully be involved in the entire project. I get the chance to talk to the customers, understand their needs, design and improve a system so that it better meets the customer's requirements. Most importantly, I feel great when I can see first-hand that the sorter runs as the customer expected. Surrounded by intelligent, friendly and trustful co-workers and management, I am supported to seek constant improvement and innovations for our software products. I am motivated to provide high quality work and prompt responses to our customers' problems. I am encouraged to be open, honest and supportive, to ensure the team achieves our common goals.

What makes
BEUMER Group different...

As a family owned business, BEUMER Group maintains traditional values in its organisational culture while also adapting to a new, changing world. Focusing on long term success helps the organisation have a better vision of who we are, where we are going and how to get there. I like the fact that the company considers its employees its biggest asset, and thus that management appreciates each employee's contribution, listens and accepts the positive things as well as the negative things in a constructive way. I feel that I am important to the company. I work in an atmosphere of trust that motivates me to pursue excellence in my work and be willing to go the extra mile to support the company on its path to success.