"At BEUMER, teamwork
means more than
mere collaboration"

Jan Haferkemper

Development Engineer - R & D

BEUMER Maschinenfabrik (Germany)

Working for BEUMER Group since 2014

What makes
my job different...

I was able to compose my master's thesis in the field of "Research and Development" in the BEUMER Group. The thesis was coached excellently, and I gained valuable experience during that time. From the outset, I was given the opportunity to get involved and apply my theoretical knowledge in various areas. I was especially fascinated by the creative solution of tasks in a highly motivated team.

After I submitted my master's thesis, I received a permanent employment contract as an engineer in the Research and Development department. Here, I immediately assumed responsibility. Remarkably, trust was not something I had to struggle for, but something I enjoyed from the very beginning. The work as a development engineer constantly involves new and exciting tasks that require a lot of creativity. The collaboration in changing project teams speeds up the establishment of a personal network and provides opportunity for getting to know the employees in charge in the company.

What makes
BEUMER Group different...

...is the corporate strategy, which always maintains a clear focus on long-term success. What is more, the atmosphere in the company is outstanding. A lot of trust is put in the skills of the employees, even if they are young. The solidarity in the team, especially when it comes to solving problems, is something I appreciate again and again. In our company, there are many good and custom-tailored development opportunities that are supported by means of extensive training options. With its variety of products, the BEUMER Group always offers new, exciting challenges.