"I have developed and
improved myself during
my time at BEUMER Group"

Ignasi Boba

Software & IT Engineer

BEUMER Group Technology Iberia (Spain)

Working for BEUMER Group since 2007

What makes
my job different...

I like working as a software and IT engineer for BEUMER Group because I learn something new every day, either from colleagues' contributions or by solving a customer's problem or issue. I joined BEUMER Group in 2007. I have made great progress within the company since I started supporting Spanish customers as the commissioner of our systems, with the responsibility for IT at BEUMER Iberia and BEUMER Colombia. I also work as a hotline engineer for some customers in Spain and Portugal so I'm the first port of call for any questions arising in our systems on this market.

I feel very proud to work at BEUMER Group because when I look back from where I am right now, and I see all the way down the line, I realise how I have developed and what I have improved during that time. It encourages me to develop my career at BEUMER Group: new challenges always appear in my position. Besides, I am very fond of technology and hence becoming part of the IT department at BEUMER Group is amazing and I really feel a key part of BEUMER Group.

What makes
BEUMER Group different...

Personally, being a family business and the philosophy of focusing on long-term success instead of short-term profits is a good reason for me to be part of BEUMER Group. I also like the job security that BEUMER Group, as a global company, has to offer employees as well as the promising future offering many opportunities to learn in all departments and, especially, the possibility to develop an international career.

The good working environment makes it a pleasure to work at BEUMER Group.