UK Limited

A member of BEUMER Group, located in the United Kingdom & Ireland

BEUMER Group UK Limited was incorporated in July 2009 and currently has a staff of more than 70 employees, mostly in the UK, with a few in Dublin, Ireland. The head office of BEUMER Group UK Limited is located at Bardon Hill, Leicestershire, and a major office located close to London Heathrow Airport services our Airports division.

At BEUMER Group UK Limited we work different

We at BEUMER Group UK Limited welcome professionals who are oriented toward team-work and are interested in professional development as part of an organisation that nurtures team spirit, individual growth and a challenging work environment, along with respect for a varied range of cultures.

We appreciate talented, committed and self-driven professionals who will provide their valuable knowledge to promote the attainment of the BEUMER Group targets and provide growth to our business.

In return, you will have an opportunity for personal development, and a chance to explore innovative technologies and solutions across a wide range of industries, including Airports, Logistics, Conveying & Loading, and Palletising & Packaging.

How to apply? Who to contact?

If you see yourself fitting into the above scenario, we would be happy to hear from you. Should your talent, qualifications and experience match with our requirements for a current job opening, we will get in touch with you.

You will find our current vacancies on our Job Portal, where you can directly apply online.