A member of the BEUMER Group, located in Russia

OOO BEUMER is the Russian subsidiary of the BEUMER Group. Our Moscow office is located in a modern business center, 5 minutes' walk from the Dynamo metro station. Our team of more than 20 employees consists of highly qualified young professionals.

Our main business segments are the cement, dry mortar and gypsum industries, the petrochemical industry, the mining industry, logistics centers and regional airports.

At OOO BEUMER we work different

Long distances, environmental challenges, non-standard products - we treat the individual needs of each of our customers as our own and develop the ideal transportation plan for each individual application. The Russian market, especially in heavy industries like cement or mining, is different from any other in the world. Due to the size of the country, we have to deal with enormous distances that raise many logistics challenges for customers. In addition, many current industrial plants and quarries or mines in Russia are equipped with outdated machinery that needs to be replaced.

Our OOO BEUMER team consists of motivated experts helping our customers on a daily basis to improve their technology in terms of quality or capacity. Our relationship with our customers is our most valuable asset. In contrast to many other companies, we focus on a long-term collaboration rather than merely being profit-orientated over the short term. Our experience shows that this is the right approach: we have succeeded in installing more than one hundred facilities in many different plants: from the far eastern end of Russia to its western border.

Our achievements would not be possible without a unique BEUMER team spirit that gives us confidence and helps us find ways to solve any kind of challenge. We offer interesting job opportunities for technicians, such as commissioning engineers and sales managers, in the fields of cement, airport and logistics products and systems.

How to apply? Who to contact?

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please submit your CV via our corporate e‑mail address:

or contact our team assistant, Anastasia Konistarkina, by phone: +7 495 662 72 90.