BEUMER acquires majority stake in leading specialist company for filling machines and peripheral equipment

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BEUMER Group has acquired a majority stake in the mechanical engineering company füll.fix. GmbH based in Oelde, Westphalia, in order to achieve common goals even more effectively.

füll.fix. specialises in efficient filling machines and peripheral equipment for powdery products of any kind and has a staff of 16 employees in Oelde.

BEUMER füll.fix

The product portfolio of BEUMER Group for filling technology includes the BEUMER fillpac. This machine is particularly used for filling cement into bags. The close cooperation with füll.fix. enables BEUMER to expand this product range. The intralogistics expert will thus be able to bag other types of building material, such as mortar, limestone or gypsum, as well as bulk materials in the feed and food industry.

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Phone: +49 2522 834 370

E-Mail: info@fuellfix.de