Faced with the need to invest in a new distribution centre in Weiden, Germany to maintain a competitive edge and meet future growth in its mail order and e-commerce fashion sales, Joseph Witt GmbH chose BEUMER Group to install its next generation sortation systems.

The new system not only helps to support Joseph Witt's future growth, but also sharpens their competitive edge by minimising both power and maintenance costs, as well as proving their commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

To meet these requirements, the packing and shipping sorter system is based on
  • Two LS-4000CB Cross-belt sorters
  • One LS-4000E Tilt-tray sorter
  • 136 chutes for packing
  • 139 chutes for shipping
  • SCADA control system

In the new Witt distribution centre, items will be placed manually on the inductions and transferred to the cross-belt systems for automatic sorting, prior to conveying to 134 chutes. Following this stage, each item will be parcelled and conveyed to the tilt-tray unit for sorting based on destinations.

Incorporating an energy-efficient linear synchronous motor (LSM), the BEUMER Group sorters reduce the overall PLCC substantially without sacrificing speed, capacity and reliability. The high-speed LSM eliminates contact between moving parts, providing minimal levels of wear and tear plus ultra-low noise levels.

The sorter's innovative linear synchronous motor (LSM) provides customers with a win-win situation as the sorter requires ultra-low maintenance overheads and also cuts energy consumption by up to 75% compared to sorters using conventional drive technology. This dramatically reduces energy consumption and cuts energy costs, as well as carbon dioxide emissions, to support both cost-down and green initiatives.

The BEUMER Group Customer Support team provides fast, efficient back-up and ensures optimal performance and a 24/7 help desk delivers access to on and off-site technical assistance, maintenance and training.