Changi Airport

BEUMER Group supports the highly specialised baggage handling system at Singapore Changi Airport - one of the most progressive airports in the world.

A major aviation hub in Southeast Asia, Changi is recognised as one of the most advanced and passenger-friendly airports in the world. The baggage handling system is designed and integrated by BEUMER Group, who has a residential service contract for the operation and maintenance of the baggage systems at Singapore Changi Airport Terminals 2 and 3. BEUMER Group is solely responsible for ensuring optimal operation and maintenance and the long-term capabilities of the baggage handling systems.

In Terminal 3, the system in use comprises two S-3000E tilt-tray sorters with 44 make-up chutes and one 10,000 metre, inter-terminal CrisBag® baggage transfer system, the latter of which provides high-speed connection between terminals as well as the early baggage storage system with 100% track and trace. The contract also covers SCADA control systems and the installation of check-in conveyors, racetracks and claim carousels, including 14 locally manufactured baggage carousels.

In Terminal 2, the system in use comprises two tilt-tray baggage sorting machines, automatic inductions and automatic reading stations (for 10-digit IATA barcode labels). 16 inductions, belt conveyors and early baggage storage for 2,200 bags. 100% automatic HBS (security screening) system with integration of both high-level and low-level control into the baggage handling control system.

A team of 121 BEUMER Group employees is deployed to operate and maintain the automated baggage handling systems at the two terminals. They provide 24/7 operation at the baggage control rooms and necessary preventive maintenance to ensure continuous system availability and optimum performance. In the event of a system interruption, fully redundant hardware will provide an automatic and immediate seamless switch to backup systems.