When international air travelers find themselves briefly touching down in Munich Airport, the state-of-the-art baggage handling from BEUMER Group featured in Terminal 2 will ensure their smooth journeys onward.

As a fast, safe and flexible way to transport baggage from check-in to discharge, CrisBag® represents a well proven solution for tackling the logistical challenges resulting from Munich Airport's traffic growth.

Among the highest priorities for Terminal 2's baggage handling system was a 30-minute connection time - the fastest in major airports in the world - for arriving passengers and their bags. The project also needed to allow for future expansion of the airport capacity, resulting in a satellite terminal for remote baggage handling with a 500-meter tunnel connecting the satellite and the terminal, and an additional tunnel connecting to Terminal 1. The baggage connection time requirement would allow only 12 minutes to process each item of luggage and select its appropriate make-up position.

With CrisBag®, special totes convey each piece of luggage throughout the handling process, even during x-ray scanning where luggage remains in the totes during the actual X-ray process. In this way the system's security screening features meet the airport's high speed requirements enabling a constant baggage flow and 100% track-and-trace capabilities at all times.

The CrisBag® system in Munich Airport has a capacity of 2,400 items an hour per line.

The entire baggage handling system includes:
  • CrisBag® baggage handling system: approx. 40 kilometers
  • Modules: Approx. 14,000
  • Totes: 6,500
  • Drive units: Approx. 19,000
  • Check-in stations: 114