In 2006, Chronopost implemented a development program for its business activities, which included the overhaul of all its transportation systems and the installation of a new tilt-tray sorting system.

A leading express delivery service to more that 200 countries and territories, French logistics company Chronopost is owned by GeoPost, third largest operator of parcel transportation in Europe and a part of La Poste, the second largest postal group in Europe.

The Chilly Mazarin hub is one of the most competitive express sorting platforms in Europe, with an operational capacity of 30,000 parcels per hour. The hub is the new heart of the logistics network, processing 60% of the national traffic for Chronopost, with an average of 140,000 parcels per day and more that 200,000 parcels per day during peak periods.

Chronopost groups the logistics flow at this unique site, which is equipped with a powerful automatic BEUMER Group sorting system to allow Chronopost to optimise the traffic management.

The Chilly Mazarin Hub comprises the following BEUMER Group sorting solution:
  • 2 sorters S3000-E (speed 2,5 m/s), each with an operational capacity of 15,000 parcels/hour
  • 14 dynamic inductions, nominal capacity: 3750 items/hour
  • 164 double spiral chutes
  • A BEUMER Group control and supervision system
  • More than 4 km belt conveyors
  • 4 camera barcode reading systems scanning five sides of each parcel

The two superposed sorters offer a system capacity that equals 4 logical sorters. This is made possible through an interconnection of chutes to allow both sides of the docks to be served by a single sorter line.

The tilt-tray sorting system at Chilly Mazarin Hub is based on an S3000-E sorter with a tilt mechanism controlled and activated by an electrical system. The system is designed to sort articles of small and large sizes in a quick, efficient and smooth flow. The tilt-tray sorting system provides efficient unloading through a 45° tray tilting angle and the very same flexibility makes it possible for the sorter carts to pass the curves in an inclination countering the centrifugal force.

A BEUMER Group maintenance team provides preventive and corrective maintenance of the equipment, allowing the system to achieve an availability rate of more than 99.6%.