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BEUMER Kansas City and Eurosilo BV from the Netherlands have an ongoing collaboration agreement for the design and installation of Eurosilos in North America. The Amsterdam based company specializes in the design of silos that store hard to reclaim materials like synthetic gypsum, potato starch, limestone and fertilizer. Eurosilo has more than 125 reference installations throughout the world. They recently installed several large coal silos (100,000 tons each) at a new power station in Lünen Germany.

The agreement between Beumer Kansas City and Eurosilo provides a framework relationship wherein Eurosilo provides the design of the silo and the mechanical equipment that operates inside the silo. Beumer Kansas City provides the silo construction and the mechanical installation on each job using local expertise. Since there are normally bulk material handling conveyors on the input and reclaim side of the silo BKC is also responsible for this ancillary equipment. The relationship allows each company to contribute what they are good at and the installation part of the job can be piggybacked onto the overall project installation that BKC is involved in.

Eurosilo has sold several silos in North America and continues to target the US Utility industry as it pertains to the handling of Coal Combustion Residues at coal fired power plants. But Eurosilos can be used in the Agricultural industry and the Chemical industry as well. The company is known for its very experienced engineers and Eurosilo has installations all over the world in multiple industries storing many different types of materials. Simon Shipp, President of Beumer Kansas City says, "Working with Eurosilo is very interesting, they are a world class organization having worked all over the world. They are very good at what they do, we can rely on them with certainty."

"BEUMER is an ideal partner," says Jaap Ruijgrok , the Managing Director of Eurosilo. "Because Beumer works in the bulk solids handling industry and they deal with large projects and installation contractors on those projects. This would be a risk for Eurosilo to perform in a foreign country where we don't have the local knowledge. Our relationship works very well to mitigate that risk for both parties. On top of that it enables us to realize turnkey totally enclosed storage and handling systems!"

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