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BEUMER Group Live

BEUMER Group experts to explain ICS technology, the goldmine of data and reveal a hidden gem during a live studio session.

Join us on March 23, 2021!

The rumours of modern baggage handling being a lost case are greatly exaggerated! There is in fact plenty of room for efficient processes that can help the innovative airport prepare for the reality of post-pandemic operation.

From a live studio in our headquarters in Beckum, Germany, our experts will share their insights for solutions they see as one of the most topical themes in the industry right now: Organising your airport for the future – including an Easter egg feature story on virtual interlining.


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3 keys to reducing costs and improve operational efficiency in baggage and airline handling

In a 2-hour non-stop, news-packed session, we give you 3 insights to how you can update your baggage handling operations and network strategies to stay relevant:

Topic 1

The battle of technologies: How to choose and apply the most efficient baggage handling system

Thomas Frank, Senior Systems Manager, BEUMER Group, Germany
Frank Sørensen, Int. Sales Manager Airport, BEUMER Group, Denmark

Topic 2

Data analytics and OPEX reduction

Per Engelbrechtsen, Director Business Development Airport, BEUMER Group, Denmark
Michael Christensen, System Enhancement Manager, BEUMER Group, Denmark

Topic 3

Virtual interlining: A case of hidden opportunities for airports

Yavuz Karadag, CEO Airsiders, Germany
Christoph Oftring, Sales Manager, BEUMER Group, Germany

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We are looking forward to hosting you online at our live show on March 23, 2021.